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Selasa, 15 April 2014


Who’s your world favorite idol ? Is it Micahel Jakson, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Warren Buffet, or Encu Syamsudin ? ( The last one..Who the hell is he ?). No matter who he is, I’m really sure that he has been a great role model for the others. The prominent figure, must have given big contribution for people’s life both when he’s alive and died.

There’re so many people in the world, Billions. But could you tell me how many names that you still remember ? Just a few. Most of them are just like the average ones whose names are recognized by few men when he’s alive and sculpted on gravestone when he’s died. THAT IS IT. People only see his name on gravestone, dull and die. No one will remember him anymore. No one can feel his contribution. No one feel sorry for his death. Even nobody thinks that he’s ever lived in the world.

Then, what makes differences between a man whose name is lasting for a long time and the ones whose name just sculpted on grave stone ? It’s clear enough that is easier to remember good people with great contribution than the average ones who give nothing for people.

Who are the good men ? What do they look like ? What do they do for people ? They are some men who never get satisfaction before doing something better for their society and people around them. They live to present happiness, wealth, and changes for better life. The wider better changes he’s created, the more people will remember his name.

And how about the averages ones who only have such an egoist dream, a nice dream for their own selves ? They live with a dream to be a rich men and popular, without doing something good for the others. Their dream is restricted just for their own sake. It’s absolutely easy to find such the people. See most people around you, ask some elementary or senior high school students, what would they say about their ambition ? They’d prefer to say go to school and get good score, attending college in a great university then work in a fancy company, earn so much money  to be able to build a nice house, and then find a beautiful chick and get married. The ambition doesn’t stop there, he has to find a way to earn much more money for his wife and children and save much more money for his retirement period. At the time he’s getting older, he buy a house in a village and enjoy the peace atmosphere of village while waiting for Izrail coming to say “Hello” and take him to nirvana. 

It’s extremely different with life style of great people who wish to give more contribution for the world. Read their biographies in history ! how they live…How many useful things they have given for human being in the world…Other people is their priority, NOT their own selves.

They even would rather to sacrifice their own desire for  other people’s happiness. Look at our Independence Heroes. They didn’t live in such comfortable castle. What they did is to devote their body and soul for Indonesia Independence.

David T. Kyle, Ph.D said that if the empathy was really strong, we must have a capacity to not only to understand what other people thinking and feeling, but also must feel and experience the same thing about what other people experiencing. In a higher level, he’s gonna be able to connect himself with the other. He must feel what the other’s feeling physically and mentally.  

Most of people who’s chosen to devote their selves in serving people tend to have higher quality life. Look at some businessmen with their entrepreneurship, they’re able to provide jobs vacation for others. Look at some motivators who never get tired in giving people motivation to survive and get their dreams. Look at some employers who have devoted their selves for glory of their company. All of them are be able to succeed because they focus on giving contribution for others, not only focus on personal happiness.

For me, personally, THE INDICATOR OF WEALTH is not measured by how many people who work, but it’s measured by how many orphans that have been cared.
It’s not measured by how many factories have been built, but it’s measured by how many schools for poor people have been funded.
It’s not measured by how much money have been saved, but it’s measured by how much properties have been donated.

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