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Kamis, 17 April 2014


The most desirable thing that people all over the world looking for is happiness. No matter what someone does, whether he’s a doctor, engineer, sales man or what ever, they’re looking happiness. The happiness with different indicators.
A student studies hard  because of an assumption that if he studies hard, he’s gonna get a good score or pass the exam. It may be the most exciting dream for him. Or we can say that the first ranking might be indicator of his happiness.

Then have a look at workers, employees or a businessman, what ‘re they gonna say about happiness ?  is it getting a good score or the first ranking ? Absolutely NOT. In this case, money or prestige must be the indicator of their happiness.
Or it could be a cute baby as an indicator of happiness for a  spouse who have been  married for fifteen years with no kids.

We’re absolutely different. We’re doing different things and live in different lands. But we’re looking for the same thing, it’s HAPPINESS.
Then you may wonder about happiness itself. Why people never get satisfaction in getting happiness… Why Ferraris you’ve got, never stop you getting Lamborginis… why the happiness you’ve got just leads you being  greedy….

Look at the students, the happiness they‘ve got is running temporarily. It’s short happiness. After passing one exam they have to prepare their selves to face the harder exams.
The happiness you’ve got sometimes leads you to feel uncomfortable instead of satisfying. The happiness you’ve got frequently make you feel worry of not getting the same successful story in the future.

It’s because…” THIS IS THE PERISHABLE WORLD”.  Everything’s gonna be lost…Everyone’s gonna be gone. Don’t feel too excited when you’ve got a successful story and don’t get too confused every time get failure. Neither Nothing nor Nobody is gonna be last for good. Never feel so lost, because the sun’s gonna rise tomorrow morning. Never be so lonely because some nice friends are gonna come.

This world is not our real place. It’s just a typical of brittle boat that’s gonna be left. It’s Nirvana for our real home where some people will laugh forever and the others will have an endless bitterness.     
No matter how hard we’re living our life, No matter how sad and depressed we’re. Just make sure that we’re gonna live in the promised paradise.

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