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Senin, 14 April 2014


……..Life,,what’s life ?  Life may be amount of problems, It could be happiness for lucky guys, Or it could be fucki’ troubles for poor unfortunate guys. Actually I neither  gonna tell you the exactly definition of life nor I ask you to pay any attention while I’m telling the following extremely messy life story. But thank you for visiting my Blog anyway.
Tell me, who is the lucky guy does’t have any problem !!?? CAN you …? No one is free from problem. Whether he’s billionaire or extremely poor ones, MUST face the problem. Unfortunately, ME too. ( Please keep being positive about me )
Some body says that money isn’t the most important thing in life.  I just wonder how they can say that money isn’t the most important thing for life, while at the same time they use money to get food, to build luxurious houses, to get married to a beautiful girl they want, and even to have a date with a bad whore. I tell you what, THEY NEED MONEY.

Just for reference, talking about spending – I prefer to say wasting- much money to  get married to a beautiful girl. In this case you may probably say money is everything at the moment. Have you ever imagined how’s your life to be when your fiancée suddenly make up her mind and calling off to be your wife because of money itself. I mean, how about if she suddenly figure out that you’re poor guy with the least money on his hand. What do you feel ? Don’t you feel so hurt ? or for the worst thing you may commit to suicide. It’s a maybe..I tell you a maybe.

Then, some of you may rise your hands for sure and tell me that NOT all girls/women are like such materialistic girl, asshole, or whatever. Some of them are nice girls. Some of them are ready for the worst thing in running a boat called “after-marrige” life, such as have less food to eat on every single day, be homeless, and so on. No matter the worst things gonna happen, they’ll always love their husband FOREVER.

BIG BULLSHIT…I tell you what, women are kind of human being ever created who’re absolutely easy in changing their mind and fight against you in less than a second. That’s the point you have to consider every time you’re dealing with poisonous women/girls.

By : a wise man with uncontrolled anger

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