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Selasa, 29 April 2014


Do you still remember the last time you’re asked about your dream ? Was it in Elementary School, Junior High School or Senior High School ? Do you still remember what’s your childhood  dream ?

If the same question asked today, I think some people still get confused what their really dream is….What they are living for…it’s no doubt if there are some guys who are not sure about their own dream. They even can’t make any differences between the real dream and the fake dream.

The question about what we’re living for is not an easy thing to answer. It’s all worse if we realize the our living is still not clear. I mean, most of people still worry whether their job they ‘ve got today will secure their future. Even some of them still worry whether they ‘re going to eat or not tomorrow morning.

Actually its’ not easy to decide a target in our life. Most of us still live without any target of living since we are get used living like that, living without any target. Most of us even live with no dream. Live just to eat and drink and wait for dying.

Maybe sometimes we got some ones with certain ambition but it’s actually not their own dream. Some of them graduated from senior high school or rolled some colleges just to get some titles and make their family and friends proud of him/her. They ‘re like a robot who moves and think under a remote control.

It’s about the time to think and decide what kind of dream we ‘re gonna living for. Decide some targets and find the way to get them.

It’s true that we never know what the future is going to be, but at least, by deciding the target we’ll live on the right path with right focus.

Think…..What kind of job that make you feel glad in doing it. Think…..What kind of activities that  make you involved in not only physically but mentally as well. 


It’s the way you will get the supreme life that people dream of in every single time.

Never force yourself to do something you dislike. It just get you to have struggle life and make you live as a slave of living. It’s a horrible thing you have to deal with as well.

By : a wise man with some exciting dreams

Kamis, 17 April 2014


The most desirable thing that people all over the world looking for is happiness. No matter what someone does, whether he’s a doctor, engineer, sales man or what ever, they’re looking happiness. The happiness with different indicators.
A student studies hard  because of an assumption that if he studies hard, he’s gonna get a good score or pass the exam. It may be the most exciting dream for him. Or we can say that the first ranking might be indicator of his happiness.

Then have a look at workers, employees or a businessman, what ‘re they gonna say about happiness ?  is it getting a good score or the first ranking ? Absolutely NOT. In this case, money or prestige must be the indicator of their happiness.
Or it could be a cute baby as an indicator of happiness for a  spouse who have been  married for fifteen years with no kids.

We’re absolutely different. We’re doing different things and live in different lands. But we’re looking for the same thing, it’s HAPPINESS.
Then you may wonder about happiness itself. Why people never get satisfaction in getting happiness… Why Ferraris you’ve got, never stop you getting Lamborginis… why the happiness you’ve got just leads you being  greedy….

Look at the students, the happiness they‘ve got is running temporarily. It’s short happiness. After passing one exam they have to prepare their selves to face the harder exams.
The happiness you’ve got sometimes leads you to feel uncomfortable instead of satisfying. The happiness you’ve got frequently make you feel worry of not getting the same successful story in the future.

It’s because…” THIS IS THE PERISHABLE WORLD”.  Everything’s gonna be lost…Everyone’s gonna be gone. Don’t feel too excited when you’ve got a successful story and don’t get too confused every time get failure. Neither Nothing nor Nobody is gonna be last for good. Never feel so lost, because the sun’s gonna rise tomorrow morning. Never be so lonely because some nice friends are gonna come.

This world is not our real place. It’s just a typical of brittle boat that’s gonna be left. It’s Nirvana for our real home where some people will laugh forever and the others will have an endless bitterness.     
No matter how hard we’re living our life, No matter how sad and depressed we’re. Just make sure that we’re gonna live in the promised paradise.

Rabu, 16 April 2014


Music has been an important part of humans’ life. It can’t be taken away from our activities. Beginning from waking up in the morning until sleeping at night, the music is always alive. It can be found on radio, cell-phone, or television.

People has recently had different point of view about music itself. It’s not only just a kind of the entertainment programs but it also has been a kind of business commodity. Music has been a nice facility where people can express their feeling and change their psychology. Furthermore, classical music is believed in teasing brain and improving the intelligence to a higher level, giving motivation, and creating relaxed mind. 

Actually, music gives not only the positive effects but also the negative ones for the listeners. Especially the music which has melancholic rhythm or sad lyrics. I feel sorry seeing a lot of teens who watch and enjoy the performance of vocalists who sing melancholic songs which full of sadness and bitterness. I think you knew what kind of TV programs are, Let’s say DE***NGS, IN*OX,etc. There’re so many teens who enjoy that fucki’ sad songs, sing them more and more every time and everywhere. Is it possible for the teens to begin their days and face some problems in their life after listening to sad songs for hours on television almost every single day?

It seems that Soekarno had issued a rule that Indonesian people are forbidden to both make and listen to any kind of sad songs. Actually I still wonder whether the research of danger in listening bad songs had been done at that time or not.

Listening to a sad song is dangerous. Is it true or just a hoax? NO. This phenomenon can be explained scientifically. Some experts said that listening to sad songs can produce serotonin in our brain. It means that we ‘re gonna feel so sad and dropped. The consequence is we feel unmotivated, really easy to get tired, weak, and worn out.

It’s like a magic or hypnotism. The series of sad lyrics that we listen to and sing over and over can really happen in our life. It’s like the dream comes true. Unfortunately, it’s a horrible dream. How can it happen ? last years, the book titled The Hidden Messages in Water shook the science. In that book Masaru Emoto proved that water can respond differently to certain words by showing different crystal.

The water that is treated by beautiful words such as, love, sorry, beautiful, and thanks shows beautiful crystal with amazing colors. While the water which is treated by negative sound words expresses a bad crytal with horrible colors.

Then, every body’s already known that our body are most composed by water. It means that we are really easy and sensitive to respond to any kind of words that we hear every time. From now on, it’s extremely important for us to get used to listen to good and wise words only, not to negative ones.

Selasa, 15 April 2014


Who’s your world favorite idol ? Is it Micahel Jakson, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Warren Buffet, or Encu Syamsudin ? ( The last one..Who the hell is he ?). No matter who he is, I’m really sure that he has been a great role model for the others. The prominent figure, must have given big contribution for people’s life both when he’s alive and died.

There’re so many people in the world, Billions. But could you tell me how many names that you still remember ? Just a few. Most of them are just like the average ones whose names are recognized by few men when he’s alive and sculpted on gravestone when he’s died. THAT IS IT. People only see his name on gravestone, dull and die. No one will remember him anymore. No one can feel his contribution. No one feel sorry for his death. Even nobody thinks that he’s ever lived in the world.

Then, what makes differences between a man whose name is lasting for a long time and the ones whose name just sculpted on grave stone ? It’s clear enough that is easier to remember good people with great contribution than the average ones who give nothing for people.

Who are the good men ? What do they look like ? What do they do for people ? They are some men who never get satisfaction before doing something better for their society and people around them. They live to present happiness, wealth, and changes for better life. The wider better changes he’s created, the more people will remember his name.

And how about the averages ones who only have such an egoist dream, a nice dream for their own selves ? They live with a dream to be a rich men and popular, without doing something good for the others. Their dream is restricted just for their own sake. It’s absolutely easy to find such the people. See most people around you, ask some elementary or senior high school students, what would they say about their ambition ? They’d prefer to say go to school and get good score, attending college in a great university then work in a fancy company, earn so much money  to be able to build a nice house, and then find a beautiful chick and get married. The ambition doesn’t stop there, he has to find a way to earn much more money for his wife and children and save much more money for his retirement period. At the time he’s getting older, he buy a house in a village and enjoy the peace atmosphere of village while waiting for Izrail coming to say “Hello” and take him to nirvana. 

It’s extremely different with life style of great people who wish to give more contribution for the world. Read their biographies in history ! how they live…How many useful things they have given for human being in the world…Other people is their priority, NOT their own selves.

They even would rather to sacrifice their own desire for  other people’s happiness. Look at our Independence Heroes. They didn’t live in such comfortable castle. What they did is to devote their body and soul for Indonesia Independence.

David T. Kyle, Ph.D said that if the empathy was really strong, we must have a capacity to not only to understand what other people thinking and feeling, but also must feel and experience the same thing about what other people experiencing. In a higher level, he’s gonna be able to connect himself with the other. He must feel what the other’s feeling physically and mentally.  

Most of people who’s chosen to devote their selves in serving people tend to have higher quality life. Look at some businessmen with their entrepreneurship, they’re able to provide jobs vacation for others. Look at some motivators who never get tired in giving people motivation to survive and get their dreams. Look at some employers who have devoted their selves for glory of their company. All of them are be able to succeed because they focus on giving contribution for others, not only focus on personal happiness.

For me, personally, THE INDICATOR OF WEALTH is not measured by how many people who work, but it’s measured by how many orphans that have been cared.
It’s not measured by how many factories have been built, but it’s measured by how many schools for poor people have been funded.
It’s not measured by how much money have been saved, but it’s measured by how much properties have been donated.

Senin, 14 April 2014


……..Life,,what’s life ?  Life may be amount of problems, It could be happiness for lucky guys, Or it could be fucki’ troubles for poor unfortunate guys. Actually I neither  gonna tell you the exactly definition of life nor I ask you to pay any attention while I’m telling the following extremely messy life story. But thank you for visiting my Blog anyway.
Tell me, who is the lucky guy does’t have any problem !!?? CAN you …? No one is free from problem. Whether he’s billionaire or extremely poor ones, MUST face the problem. Unfortunately, ME too. ( Please keep being positive about me )
Some body says that money isn’t the most important thing in life.  I just wonder how they can say that money isn’t the most important thing for life, while at the same time they use money to get food, to build luxurious houses, to get married to a beautiful girl they want, and even to have a date with a bad whore. I tell you what, THEY NEED MONEY.

Just for reference, talking about spending – I prefer to say wasting- much money to  get married to a beautiful girl. In this case you may probably say money is everything at the moment. Have you ever imagined how’s your life to be when your fiancĂ©e suddenly make up her mind and calling off to be your wife because of money itself. I mean, how about if she suddenly figure out that you’re poor guy with the least money on his hand. What do you feel ? Don’t you feel so hurt ? or for the worst thing you may commit to suicide. It’s a maybe..I tell you a maybe.

Then, some of you may rise your hands for sure and tell me that NOT all girls/women are like such materialistic girl, asshole, or whatever. Some of them are nice girls. Some of them are ready for the worst thing in running a boat called “after-marrige” life, such as have less food to eat on every single day, be homeless, and so on. No matter the worst things gonna happen, they’ll always love their husband FOREVER.

BIG BULLSHIT…I tell you what, women are kind of human being ever created who’re absolutely easy in changing their mind and fight against you in less than a second. That’s the point you have to consider every time you’re dealing with poisonous women/girls.

By : a wise man with uncontrolled anger