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Selasa, 29 April 2014


Do you still remember the last time you’re asked about your dream ? Was it in Elementary School, Junior High School or Senior High School ? Do you still remember what’s your childhood  dream ?

If the same question asked today, I think some people still get confused what their really dream is….What they are living for…it’s no doubt if there are some guys who are not sure about their own dream. They even can’t make any differences between the real dream and the fake dream.

The question about what we’re living for is not an easy thing to answer. It’s all worse if we realize the our living is still not clear. I mean, most of people still worry whether their job they ‘ve got today will secure their future. Even some of them still worry whether they ‘re going to eat or not tomorrow morning.

Actually its’ not easy to decide a target in our life. Most of us still live without any target of living since we are get used living like that, living without any target. Most of us even live with no dream. Live just to eat and drink and wait for dying.

Maybe sometimes we got some ones with certain ambition but it’s actually not their own dream. Some of them graduated from senior high school or rolled some colleges just to get some titles and make their family and friends proud of him/her. They ‘re like a robot who moves and think under a remote control.

It’s about the time to think and decide what kind of dream we ‘re gonna living for. Decide some targets and find the way to get them.

It’s true that we never know what the future is going to be, but at least, by deciding the target we’ll live on the right path with right focus.

Think…..What kind of job that make you feel glad in doing it. Think…..What kind of activities that  make you involved in not only physically but mentally as well. 


It’s the way you will get the supreme life that people dream of in every single time.

Never force yourself to do something you dislike. It just get you to have struggle life and make you live as a slave of living. It’s a horrible thing you have to deal with as well.

By : a wise man with some exciting dreams

Senin, 28 April 2014

It's You

Shining bright, clear and strong, showing me the way with a love that stretches from heaven to the ends of creation. And the only problem I have is that there aren’t any words good enough for me to tell you how I truly feel about you. What I’m doing is telling you how crazy I’m thinking of you. I pray for this heart to be normal, but I can’t. I try to keep it dark, but I’m failed. 

          Just wanna tell the world that I’m really on you right now. It’s not important for me to know who really you are. The most important thing for me is being with you for ages.

          The world may shout if I do not deserve you, but I wish God show me the way to find you. Ehmm…to find you ???!! Sounds like I’m prepared to meet and talk to you blaa…blaaa…blaa… but the fact is I AM NOT. I don’t know what to say if I meet you, I don’t know what to do in front of you. It’s even better to dig a big hole and burry my own body than being nervous because of you.

          Uiezh Mae, That’s your social-network name I've recognized so far. Actually I don’t know who really you are. Even I have no idea what your real name is. Let’s say that I’m extremely poor fan or what ever, but above all, I really adore you. 

By : a mad man with uncontrolled love