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Rabu, 26 April 2017

Mutual Help

It’s been really a long time that I’ve not written some stuff in blog anymore. How are you doing my blog? How’s your day the world? For me, it’s not easy to get used to write again. But the learning process keeps running, and so do I. Learning to find out the nice topic and learning to speak up blaaa…blaaa…blaaa…

The first topic that I’m going to write is an inspirational story called “Mutual Help”.

Mutual help is one of the most important thing to do in our life. Not all people help because of the sincerity of the heart, but sometimes and even frequently, because of compulsion or exhibition performances.

Sometimes, when we give something to other, it surely makes us very proud of it. Although our gift is not very meaningful, it will make us proud and feel that we have become someone who contributes to that person. Actually, such attitudes and thoughts are not right, because everyone does not have to count what they have given to others, especially to those who need it.

This inspirational story has actually been around for a long time, maybe many people heard it, including you. But for me, this story is really extraordinary.

That afternoon, at a supermarket, a woman in her 50s was shopping with her two children. Their appearance was so simple, even very simple when compared to a number of other visitors there. She looked like a little awkward every time she saw and picked up some things she would buy, she looked repeatedly surprised by the prices listed there.

But it was not so important, because this woman was so pleasured to see her two children looked very happy and enjoyed their time there. Each of the children bought a bar of chocolate and some snacks. There were no fancy and expensive things in the shopping-basket.

Arriving at the cashier and paying for her groceries, this woman started a little uneasy while her two children lined up nearby and watched their groceries happily.

Some items and snacks, all of them not even got half a basket. The queue seemed long, and the woman began busily counting the amount of money she had on her shabby wallet, all the cash was just small pieces and consisted of dozens of shabby coins.

Arriving in turn at the checkout, this woman was getting more nervous and looked uneasy. Still counting the money in his hand and trying to tidy it up, the woman occasionally glanced at the numbers on the cashier's computer.

The cashier had finished counting and the woman started putting some crumpled bills on the counter, counting them one by one. She began to worry, if the money would not be enough to pay for all her groceries. For a moment her eyes glanced at his two children who stood in front of her holding their groceries. Both boys were so happy, maybe that was their first time shopping to the supermarket.

Her face was getting pale, slightly shaky and so nervous, that she dropped some money in her hands. A girl helped her to collect the money from the floor, then said, "Be careful to count the money, Mom. You dropped some of the other sheets, " The girl handed some of the money to the woman. She was shocked, because a sheet of Rp 50.000 was also now in her hands, but he remembered correctly if all the money was only Rp 2000 and some were Rp 5000.

Before continuing her payment, the mother turned back and saw the face of the girl who had helped her while holding the Rp50,000 in her hand. The girl just smiled and invited her to pay back all her groceries with a hint so that nobody would know about it, not even the two mother's children. 

It’s enough for only God who knows what we do. In islam, it’s called Ikhlas. But it’s not easy to be the Ikhlas one. Frequently, we want the others to see and know what we’re doing to get some respect. And frequently, we feel disappointed when the person we helped doesn’t give the expected feedback. Yaa Rahman, we are weak and helpless without your guidance, please do not let us stand alone without You. Aamiin.

Note : It’s dedicated to someone called “K A”. A girl whom I met 24 days ago. A girl who’s being consistent in changing to be better one, and a girl whom I know for sure has a kind heart.

Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

[Inspired by] OneRepublic : Counting Stars

...No more counting Dollars..We'll be counting stars,

Senin, 19 Mei 2014

Three Advices from Yahya bin Muadz

“ If you can’t give any benefit, just be nice. If you can’t make people happy,  don’t give them any misery. If you can’t appreciate, please don’t underestimate”

In days long gone by, Yahya bin Muadz gave three advices that all moslem should do. They are :
1.      If you can’t give any benefit, just be nice.
Rasululloh SAW told us that the best man is one who gives best contribution for the others.  The only one reason that man created in this world is just being a khalifah and devotee. Khalifah has an important role as God’s deputy to create prosperity in the earth. Being khalifah isn’t a simple job since he has to be a front man in solving many problems both socially and politically. Being khalifah has made human take central roles solving humanity complication.
It’s told that the best man is one who gives best things for the others. It means that the worst man is the one who threatens the others. It’s shameful enough for us to give nothing for our society. For that case, it’s gonna be the worst thing if we still do harmful thing to the others.

2.      If you can’t make people happy,  don’t give them any misery.
It sounds like the first advice before. The difference is on the quantity of problems that’s is created. The case in the first advice prefer to create problem physically, but in this second advice emphasize more on psychological and emotional problems.

3.       If you can’t appreciate, please don’t underestimate.
A few appreciation often give significant effect for one’s development both physically and emotionally. It’s the nature of human being to be appreciated. Every ones want it and absolutely need it. 

By : a handsome guy who takes a bath twice  day

Kamis, 08 Mei 2014


Where is positive and negative power from?  It’s our mind which play the main role in deciding being positive or negative. It’s our mind which gives instruction to all parts of our body to do or not to do something. It’s our mind influences feeling and power for being afraid or dared to decide something. The way in managing our mind is the most important key for a man to be successful.

Someone who learn to ride a bicycle, for example,  he’ll never be able to ride it as long as he thinks that he’s a bad rider somehow. Every time he feels afraid of falling, he will be reluctant to ride it.
It shows a big difference when we talk about someone who dared himself to try and face some risks in riding it. For having such the positive mind, it’s not a difficult thing for him to ride it and balance his body as well. And finally he’s getting better in riding it.

It is the courage comes from the way we manage our mind which help we learn to do something new better. Without a good mind-management, we’ll never have courage to begin things. The positive power exactly comes from the positive mind.

It’s the absolute truth that life is about point of view. It means how we show our attitude in solving all of problems. Having a good and positive point of view must give positive attitude and feeling for any kind of problem we face.

Talking about point of view, someone can see some happening from some point view. Generally this view can be divided into two sides, they ‘re positive and negative point of view. These views are in contradiction each other and have certain role for ones to have certain attitude.

The positive point of view is the positive attitude ones have in solving any kind of problem.
First, No matter what happens, we have to be able to see the positive things in it. This principle will make us to have clear mind to find better solution.
Second, the positive point of view must give us understanding about hikmat and some benefits we will get from the problem we face.
Third, The positive point of view must give us understanding that everyone and everything in this world are created different. No one is absolutely identical and nothing is exactly same.
Fourth, it leads us to believe that god not only created problems but the solution as well.

By : a man who takes a bath by himself twice a day