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Kamis, 08 Mei 2014


Where is positive and negative power from?  It’s our mind which play the main role in deciding being positive or negative. It’s our mind which gives instruction to all parts of our body to do or not to do something. It’s our mind influences feeling and power for being afraid or dared to decide something. The way in managing our mind is the most important key for a man to be successful.

Someone who learn to ride a bicycle, for example,  he’ll never be able to ride it as long as he thinks that he’s a bad rider somehow. Every time he feels afraid of falling, he will be reluctant to ride it.
It shows a big difference when we talk about someone who dared himself to try and face some risks in riding it. For having such the positive mind, it’s not a difficult thing for him to ride it and balance his body as well. And finally he’s getting better in riding it.

It is the courage comes from the way we manage our mind which help we learn to do something new better. Without a good mind-management, we’ll never have courage to begin things. The positive power exactly comes from the positive mind.

It’s the absolute truth that life is about point of view. It means how we show our attitude in solving all of problems. Having a good and positive point of view must give positive attitude and feeling for any kind of problem we face.

Talking about point of view, someone can see some happening from some point view. Generally this view can be divided into two sides, they ‘re positive and negative point of view. These views are in contradiction each other and have certain role for ones to have certain attitude.

The positive point of view is the positive attitude ones have in solving any kind of problem.
First, No matter what happens, we have to be able to see the positive things in it. This principle will make us to have clear mind to find better solution.
Second, the positive point of view must give us understanding about hikmat and some benefits we will get from the problem we face.
Third, The positive point of view must give us understanding that everyone and everything in this world are created different. No one is absolutely identical and nothing is exactly same.
Fourth, it leads us to believe that god not only created problems but the solution as well.

By : a man who takes a bath by himself twice a day

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