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Kamis, 01 Mei 2014

It's Me, I, and Myself

For me, personally, writing this topic is not only silly but also confusing as well. In case I don’t have any good motivational idea to write, so why don’t I write some good and crazy sides of my life. Today’s topic is all about me. Let’s call “it’s me” topic. Well, I have to tell the world about me, I, and myself…Who really I am…What I’m doing…How often I take a bath… What do I look like (Extremely handsome, I guess)…and of course little bit of romantic stuff. Here we go….

In days long gone by, exactly In March 12th 1987 , a cute baby was born. It’s me.  I was born in Majalengka as an ordinary baby and  a real male of course. Real male…that’ s what my future wife should know. 
What things I like ? All right, I like good music and interesting movies. I like comedies. I like reading a lot books, not magazines. I like redecorating home and gardening in the yard. I like travelling. And last but not the least, I like beautiful girl since I’m a normal guy, I told you what. But all of this don’t describe me completely. And to know me better just communicate with me and you will know much more about me. For gals and guys in the world generally and in west java especially, here you are my cell phone number : 089 660 238 104. What a genuine guy I am !!!

Actually I’m not a good actor in doing house chores. I rarely wash the dishes. I sometimes cook. I never take care my kids because I never have them, fair enough. The only one good side of me is I always make my bed in the morning and take a bath by myself twice a day.

My typical day begins with the ring of alarm clock. I get up so early since I have to devote to my God as a moslem. Then I have breakfast just like Justin Bieber does in USA but with different menus here : sorabi, bala-bala, awug aci, sangu koneng.
About 8 or 9 o’clock I usually go to market to earn some money or go gym to do fitness to keep my body in shape. And about 12 o’clock I prepare myself to do the other job as an English instructor.

What I do in my leisure time ? I like to spend my free time educating and reading books. When I have a minute for that I try to spend it on my favorite chair with the book on the hand, but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to go out. I like going travelling, but unfortunately I don’t have a lot of free time to do that so often. 

The type of girl that I desire is…. ? There are many qualities I appreciate in girls but the most important for me is inner beauty. I think that I’m a man who’s worth a nice and good girl. Because I’m a moslem, so I need a girl with the same belief of course. Then, she should be smart and interesting girl. I want her to be kind and caring. 

                                          Here you are one of my favorite girls :

The type of girl that I dislike is a girl who talk about money too much. Let’s say a materialistic girl.
                                   And here you are one of the girls I dislike :

My future goals for this moment are like most of men, I want to find the true love of my life, the girl to whom I can create the family and share the rest of my life. The girl that will appreciate all that I do for her, and can answer to me in the same way. The girl who can show me the real love, NOT the girl who just show me the fake love because of money.

By : a handsome man who washes his own jacket

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